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YOLO Travel

We love travelling, but it’s been a long time (probably since our university days) since we’ve done some long-term travelling.  Before we get too old and have too many responsibilities we thought we’d take a career break and do a big trip.

Actually I’ve taken a year out of the office already, after 12 years in marketing I’ve been working as a chef for the past year because I love food (more about these experiences later perhaps) whilst also doing a bit of freelance digital work.  You might think I’m running away from work but I’ve enjoyed my career as a marketer and also enjoyed working with food everyday.  I’ll probably return to one of these careers when I come back from my travels.  Inverse to common sense I actually think that the year of travelling will do my career good by opening my mind to different ways of thinking and doing things.  We also plan to work a bit on our travels to help fund our trip and experience other countries as more than tourists.

To be honest we’ve been thinking about whether to take a year out or not for about 6 months, but this week we’ve really started preparing and planning properly.  We’ll share our experiences good and bad right from this early planning stage, maybe you’ll laugh whilst we cry at some point but it’s all part of the adventure.

Of course there are many mature reasons as to why it might not be a good idea: stalling our careers; spending money that we could save for a rainy day; the risk of leaving our home to tenants we don’t know.  There are countless other reasons or excuses that might stop us, but one good reason trumps all the many negative ones .

As much as memes annoy me, YOLO is definitely one that applies here.  Are we going away to “find ourselves?”  No.  Are we “running away from something?”  No.  We just want to experience new things.  Nothing more, nothing less.  We don’t have grandeur ideas that we’ll come back as bigger and better people, but if the year of travel experiences gives us new skills and  opens our minds then what a bonus.

Image: J. Stephen Conn

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