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Liebster_Award_What_Way_TodayThank you so much to Global Debauchery for nominating us for the Liebster Award after less than two months of launching our travel blog.  Also thank you to Travel Experia who nominated us for the Liebster Award shortly afterwards.

As is customary for the Liebster Award that celebrates up and coming blogs we have been asked 11 questions so that we can share a little bit more about ourselves.

We will also nominate some great new travel blogs that are doing a sterling job inspiring people to travel.  We’ll ask them 11 questions so they can share their personal views and experiences on the wonderful world of travel. 

Q&A with What Way Today and Global Debauchery

Tell us a little about yourself.
We are Steve and Sacha, a couple from London, England who love travel, food, music, and culture.  Whilst we sometimes like to chill and relax in comfort, nothing excites us more than new experiences.  We got bored of owning things so use our time and money for adventures near and far.

What’s your blog about and why was it started?
After visiting over 30 countries each, we are now leaving our jobs as a chef and in marketing and media for a year to travel.  Not only do we hope to inspire world travels through What Way Today, but we want to share travel hints and tips so people can make more informed decisions, e.g. where you can get the best information to plan your travels, what is the most convenient way to travel between places, what lesser known activities are well worth doing, how much you should budget, and what you might want to avoid.

More than a travel guide, we aim to tell the stories of our adventures with a bit of personality so you can start to get a feeling of the place.  Sometimes that place isn’t even that far either.  By starting this blog we’ve also got closer to the travel blogging community and learnt a lot from them as well whilst we plan our travels.

When were you officially bitten by the travel bug? What was the inspiration?
Steve was lucky enough to grow up in a time when there was an explosion of budget airlines making travel all around Europe cheap and easy.  It was great to arrive in a city with a totally different culture in a few hours.  Sometimes a lot of western European cities can look or even feel the same on the surface, but the cultural differences are amazing.  Just the pure act of sitting in a cafe eating local food and people-watching can open your mind into the variety of life and society around the world.  Being a food-lover makes travel even more exciting being able to sample new flavours and sensations on every trip.

Sacha was lucky enough to travel to different countries from an early age with her family.  The brilliant experiences only fuelled a desire to continue exploring as much of the world as possible.

What was your last trip? What was your favorite part?
Our last trip was to Salzburg and Munich.  Sometimes its nice to visit somewhere as clean as Salzburg, and the mountains surrounding the city only made it more picturesque.  Munich was also great not only because of the beer halls, but because of the different vibe compared to Berlin which we had previously visited.  It’s a stark reminder that even within a single country you can experience many different cultures.

Given that we live in Europe it can sometimes seem a little less exotic than more far-flung places, but a great thing about Europe is the ability to easily visit multiple countries in a single trip.  A high-speed  train costing less than 20€ got us from Salzburg to Munich in less than 2 hours.  Our favourite part of the trip incorporated another border crossing which was underground.  The Hallein Salt Mine near Salzburg was educational and fun, with giant slides, a mini train and a boat ride all inside the oldest salt mine in the world.  There is also a part of the mines where you cross the Austrian/German border.

Do you have any specific travel “goals?” If so, what are they?
My only “goal” is to make the most of my time when travelling and not waste it lying in bed or on a beach reading a book for most of the time.  Sometimes due to time constraints tours are unavoidable, but we like to experience the place as authentically as possible and not be taken on tourist excursions for the duration of our stay.

There are of course a few places on the bucketlist to visit but ticking things off a list is not our main priority, it’s all about experiences and fun times (whilst respecting local cultures, people, and the environment).

What’s your favorite part of traveling (culture, people, nature, etc.)? Why?
Society and culture is what we consistently find the most interesting on our travels.  Where there are people going about their daily lives is when we are reminded of why we travel, whether it’s in a big city or a little village.  Natural beauty and scenery can certainly get the senses going, but it is the people and social norms that make a place special and different.

We also love food and sampling new flavours, textures, presentation of food and even different ways of eating food.  Food is one of those few things that is both physically and emotionally rewarding.  Tasting something amazing that you have never had before is such a joyous moment.

Of course partaking in activities that can’t be done anywhere else in the world is a major driver for us to travel.  For example throwing tomatoes at La Tomatina, floating in the Dead Sea, and the bright lights of Las Vegas.

Any travel disasters? Please elaborate.
Steve doesn’t normally go to casinos, but when in Macau……… and he actually won, more than doubling his money.  Rushing to make the last boat back to Hong Kong he realised he had dropped his wallet including all the winnings and his credit cards in the taxi to the port.  Luckily his friend had some spare money to get a ticket back to Hong Kong.  You always lose in Macau, even when you win!

In Iceland we were exploring in our 4×4 and drove up a small track.  As we got higher it started to snow, we eventually reached the top of the hill where there was a cute wooden house so we got out and explored.  When we got back in the 4×4 we lost the road as it had been covered by the snow and drove into a ditch.  Luckily we had phone reception and called for emergency services to pull us out.

Tell me about the most interesting person you’ve met while traveling.
A long time ago Steve met a guy in San Diego in a bar who was a teacher with a wife and lived in a little boho beach house.  After a few drinks he said “hey wanna go down to Mexico for a few days tomorrow?”  Steve asked “sure, where are we going to go? What are we going to do?” His reply was simply “we’ll just drive down the coast, eat some nice food and have a good time.”

Normally we have a basic plan for travels, so when Steve met him the next morning, he did wonder whether it was going to be worth the trip as there was no plan on where to go, or the best places to eat.  But the exciting feeling of open-endedness adventure took over.  The guy, his wife, Steve and two friends had a great 2 days in Mexico feeling absolutely free, driving down the coast, eating some nice food, having a good time.

Have you ever had an epiphany on your travels? Do tell.
We love food so pretty much everywhere we go there are ways of serving food and drink or ways that restaurants and bars work that make me think “wow, they really need to do this in England.”  E.g. ordering by touchscreen in Japan, a Canadian steakhouse that does free refills of fries and actively promotes BYO alcohol, currywurst stalls in Berlin that also sell beer, pubs/bars in most countries outside of the UK because they do table service, tiny little 6 seater bars in Tokyo each with a theme and provide free snacks.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve done while traveling?
It’s tough choosing, so here’s a sample: In Fiji Sacha went reef snorkelling and saw a big mako shark which was both scary and exhilarating.  Bungee jumping in Taupo, New Zealand was amazing, the moment when you are free falling feels like nothing else.  Staying on a horse ranch and riding a horse through the badlands in South Dakota made her feel like a cowboy.  Closer to home, Sacha was a zookeeper for a day at London Zoo where to she got to hang out with penguins, feed aardvarks, and clean out the giraffe house (giraffe pee is absolutely putrid by the way, very acidic!)

What’s your next trip? What are you most looking forward to on it?
We will probably slip in a trip or two before, but our next definite travel plans are to do a ski season in Europe working as a Chalet Couple.  Whilst the mornings will be early and the working hours long, it will be great to get so much regular slope time and to live on a resort.  Ski resorts don’t really reflect real life or a real town so it will be interesting to experience.  Being a foodie and most recently a professional chef it will also be great earning whilst doing something I love.

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11 Questions for our Liebster Award nominees

  1. What’s your number 1 luxury item you take on your travels?
  2. What’s the best travel deal you have ever found?
  3. What’s the most interesting accommodation you have stayed in?
  4. For what food would you travel halfway around the world for?
  5. Whilst travelling, what’s the best experience you’ve had that has cost you nothing?
  6. What do you think is the most overrated destination?
  7. Have you ever been stuck in an awkward situation whilst travelling?
  8. Where have you met the friendliest people?
  9. What country would you like to live in on a long-term basis?
  10. What’s your best tip for saving money whilst travelling?
  11. What local habits/norms/practises would you like to see spread around the world?

Thanks to our readers and followers and thanks to the travel blogging community for their support and continual inspiration.

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