Fripito App: A travel photography guide for travellers and photographers

We’ve recently discovered an up and coming travel and photography app called Fripito.  The concept is a great one.  Not only does the app contain travel guides with beautiful photography and GPS information but travelling photographers can also contribute their own photo guides and receive proceeds of the sales.  The app is available to download for free on the AppStore or Google Play and guides cost between US$3.99 and US$8.99.

Readers of What Way Today can get a premium subscription to all of Fripito’s guides absolutely free, so read on.  

Iceland Guide Preview

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We all love a bit of socialising and community action, and Fripito does this well.  Fripito works with professional photographers all over the world to create amazing guides to provide travel and photography inspiration.  Also anyone with the app can comment and share photography and travel tips too.

All published photos and information is verified by Fripito’s editors so you have correct and up to date information.  For those who want to improve their photography skills the guide provides camera settings information, local light conditions, and the app is great for locating your next photography location with tips on where to go exactly to take great shots.

Don’t forget that it also has an abundance of general travel information too, such as where to stay, where to eat, and how to get there.  It can be downloaded for offline use too in case you are in the depths of the earth hunting for the perfect shot.  Fripito does not seek to be a traditional travel guide but presents a destination through photography.  It’s a great app not only for travel inspiration but also for those with photography aspirations.

Some of the guides available right now are: Iceland, Azores, Paris, Prague, Safari in South Africa, Bohemian Switzerland, London, Canary Islands, Bohemian Paradise, New York, Madeira, Philippines and Bolivia.  Fripito publishes a new guide almost every week and among the upcoming guides are China, U.S. National Parks, Japan, Canada, Israel, Botswana, Namibia and Peru.  Each guide has a minimum of 50 photos.

It’s a wonderful idea and execution where travel and photography has been linked up so well.  For people with wanderlust it provides great inspiration, and for digital nomads and photographers it’s another avenue to get their work out there and to maybe even earn a bit of income.

Win 3 months Fripito premium subscription (even if you don’t win get 1 week access free!)

The new faster Fripito 2 app has been released for a few months, but in a few weeks time users will be able to enjoy even more features such as navigation and a premium subscription to all available guides.  To celebrate, Fripito are offering a prize of 3 months subscription to What Way Today readers.  Even if you don’t win you get a 1 week subscription totally free, all you have to do is provide your details below, which will be passed onto Fripito to activate your subscription.

Competition ends 23:59, 20th March 2016 

Competition is now closed. 

Enjoy, be inspired, and maybe become an even better photographer.

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