Best Websites for Travel Planning and Travel Research

Travel planning can be exciting, and the travel blogs like the ones we’ve listed in our Travel Links page are excellent inspirations.  With many travel websites available, research can be time consuming so we’ve listed the best travel websites we’ve found that have been the most useful for the more functional aspect of travel planning and research, i.e. travel transportation, accommodation, and destination guides.  Some are general and some of these travel websites focus on regions we are focused on next e.g. India and South East Asia.

Travel Transportation Websites

Rome2Rio is excellent for travellers planning the best way to get from their departure point to their destination.  Plot in two destinations and Rome2Rio will provide various air, land and sea transportation options with timing and cost estimates.  Brilliant for travellers planning for the fastest or cheapest way to travel and excellent for planning the order of your itinerary to find the most efficient travel routes.


Google Flights provides a great overview for flights to and from destinations.  With simple search commands get prices and the duration of flights.  More than that, Google Flights serves to inspire, by listing available direct flights from a location which could inform your itinerary and order of travel if speed of travel is high on your agenda.

Seat61 provides comprehensive information on trains throughout the world, giving fare estimates, route maps, and useful tidbits others don’t provide such as tips on the best way to obtain train tickets, local anomalies to look out for, and what to expect from different classes.


Skyscanner is our go-to website to find the best airfares.  It’s obviously comprehensive, and the flexible dates option is brilliant if you are looking for the lowest fare in any given month.  If you are ultra adventurous, select a flexible destination and find bargain flights to your next potential arrival point.  You can also search for multi-city flights if one destination is just not enough to satisfy your wanderlust.

90DI is for those planning to travel around India and provides travel information for Indian railways, flights and buses.  With the plethora of different train services and classes available, 90DI is invaluable in planning your journey around India, making it much more efficient.  Looking to compare train fares between two destinations in India?  Use 90DI.  Looking for the quickest train?  Use 90DI.

Accommodation Websites is comprehensive, offers competitive prices, and is intuitive with its many filters and sort options.  Individual accommodation listings are detailed with good photos, descriptions and maps.

Tripadvisor may or may not be filled with less than honest reviews and one can’t help but focus on the 1 star reviews, but the massive amount of honest and detailed personal reviews adds confidence to booking an accommodation and often reveals little details that hotel websites and official reviews may not highlight.


You know what AirBnB is all about, so if you decide to go that way as we have in expensive cities get yourself £14/$20 credit for your AirBnB booking.

Homestay is an alternative to AirBnB where hosts provide further local insight by spending time with the visitor.  Visitors share the host’s home and experience local life from an insider’s perspective.

Destination Guides

Indiamike is a fantastic travel website for people travelling to India.  The focused website is packed with information about travelling around India and the information is detailed and precise in part due to the very useful and active India travel forums loaded with Q&As.

Travelfish is brilliant for those planning to travel around South East Asia.  It covers: Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.  As well as highlighting must see sights and must do activities it has provided us with useful information on visa, weather, and transport including land crossing information.  It also has an excellent South East Asia itinerary section making recommendations depending on area and time.

Berlin_Lonely_PlanetIntrepid Travel offers tours around the world and even though we don’t envisage taking many tours, this website provides inspiration for planning your personal itinerary highlighting major sights, transport routes and time recommendations in each destination.

Lonely Planet may no longer be the ultimate off-the-beaten-track guide it once was, but it is comprehensive in terms of coverage and provides a good overview of countries and regions on your bucketlist.  You can’t always rely on the internet so the ubiquitous Lonely Planet Books are always a good option to take with wherever you are, or alternatively go for the space-saving Lonely Planet Kindle Books.

Right now we keep coming back to these websites in our travel research and planning.  Teamed up with our travel research apps these websites make our travel planning process more informed and inspire us to  make the most of our travels.

We’d love to hear recommendations for other top travel websites and blogs.

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