Best Apps for Travel Planning

Now that the decision been made to travel for a year it’s damn exciting.  But there is a bit of stress and dread regarding all the preparation that needs to be done: vaccinations, visas, renting out the flat, etc.

We needed to get organised and manage this process so our heads wouldn’t spin.  Apps solve most 1st world problems so here are the 3 best apps we’re using to really help our travel planning.

Wunderlist is a great todo list app that helps to get thoughts organised and prioritised.  Get everything down and relieve the stress of thinking that you’ve forgotten something important.  Create several lists to categorise todos, add due dates that sync to your calendar, share live versions with other people even if they’re on a different platform, and have the pleasure of assigning tasks to people.

Microsoft Edge is the new internet browser on Windows 10, I know I know, a Microsoft browser.  I’ve always been a Chrome user, a sometimes Firefox user but Edge’s editing tools such as labelling, drawing  and snipping live webpages makes it a dream to collect information from the web.  Working together with Onenote, research and information gathering has become so much more efficient.

Onenote is a nice note taking app for more long-form information where you can organise all your thoughts and research.  Create multiple notebooks and add pretty much anything on a page from text, tables, hand-drawings, and clips you’ve taken with Edge.  The integration with Edge means Onenote just edges out Evernote.

With these 3 apps we’re pretty much able to get all our travel planning, research and prioritisation done effectively.  Anymore than 3 and it might get too unwieldy, but if you’ve got a great app to recommend that helps travel planning let us know with your comments.

Of course without websites these apps wouldn’t mean much, our top picks for travel research are here.

Images: Window Phone Apps and Crazynet

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  2. Great tips! Have you already tried Fripito app ( ? Fripito helps with travel planning especially if you are interested in photography, the app offers travel guides for destinations all over the world made by local photographers. You get tips for photo locations with exact GPS, photo tips, recommended camera settings and more…
    Here is a video about how Fripito works :

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