Baltic Coach Trip (and some Sea and Air)

From Finland To Poland, travelling through Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania


Planning our itinerary around South East Asia got us thinking about our Baltic trip largely done via coach. During our research it’s become obvious that travelling around SE Asia is not the quickest.  Our Baltic coach trip was the complete opposite, and also cheap and comfortable to boot.

Lux Express, one of the largest coach operators in the Baltic region allowed us to travel quickly, cheaply and in great comfort between Tallinn and Parnu in Estonia, through to Riga in Latvia, and then onto Vilnius in Lithuania.

Even the standard class seats reclined and were ultra spacious, and they each had an individual touchscreen entertainment system (like you would have on a long-haul flight) with movies in various languages, TV shows, music, games, and the internet.  The coaches also had air conditioning, wifi and power sockets, making even our longest trip from Riga to Vilnius at just under 4 hours a breeze.

We travelled over 600km with Lux Express through 3 countries and it cost us under 30€ each.  If you’re travelling around the Baltics there probably isn’t a better option around than Lux Express and that comes as a completely unsponsored recommendation.


From Helsinki to Tallinn we chose the fastest of the sea options, the Linda Line high speed hydrofoil which got us to Tallinn in 1 hour 40 minutes for 20€ each.  When we arrived we were only a short 10 minute walk from Tallinn Old Town.  Other ferry services are available that take between 2 and 3 hours at a very slightly cheaper rate.

The boat was not only good value but both the Helsinki port and Tallinn port were very close to the city centre, minimising transfer times – I doubt flights between Helsinki and Tallinn are very busy.

After our luxurious coach trips, we completed the last leg of our Baltic trip from Vilnius to Krakow by LOT Airlines on a 3 hour flight (with a stop-off in Warsaw) which cost 160€ each.  The timings of the 10 hour coach option just weren’t working out for us and we would have lost out on a day of Polish experiences.

210€ each to travel through 5 European countries and over 1,300 km in 2 weeks wasn’t bad value at all, and it was all done with speed and comfort.  We can’t recommend the coach enough for travelling between Baltic countries.

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  3. I took a similar route that lasted 4 weeks and included Tartu, Kuressaare, Sigula, Nida and Lublin. Ecolines was also a good option, especially for the overnight bus ride from Vilnius to Warsaw.

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