5 Reasons Being a Digital Nomad Is Easier Than You Think

A big thanks to Steve and Sacha for publishing this article.  Their site is an inspiration for anyone wanting to leave their job for a life of freedom and travel, and they offer many great anecdotes and tips and tricks to help you on the way. After reading this, be sure to check out their post on the best websites for planning your trip.


There seem to be endless articles cropping up recently about the realities of life as a digital nomad.  They address the raised stress levels, uncertainty and potential disasters of this sort of lifestyle, but they barely ever point out that, despite the challenges, it’s easily doable—no matter who you are.

Sure, there are some downfalls of life on the road, but every choice you make will always have its drawbacks. In reality, there are many reasons why choosing to quit your 9-5, pack up and travel the world, is much easier than you’d first imagine.

Plenty Of Helpful Tools

In our world of “things,” new devices, applications and tools are being released all the time to make our lives more convenient.  This is equally true for digital nomads.  Online resources, such as Upwork and Fiverr, are fantastic places to find paid work on the internet, and there’s never any shortage of jobs.

Similarly, phone applications, such as WiFi Finder, make it easy to find quiet and atmospheric places for you to work, and handy software, such as a LiquidVPN, protects you and your business from online threats.

These are just a few of the regularly used tools that make life as a digital nomad convenient and sustainable, but you’re sure to stumble on countless others once you’ve started your adventure.

A Supportive Community

It’s a commonly accepted fact that people you meet while travelling are wonderful, friendly and kind.  This is perhaps because everyone has taken the decision to step outside their comfort zone and open their mind, or it could just be a part of the territory.

Either way, this fact is magnified for digital nomads. Everyone you meet, whether they’re a travel blogger, freelance writer or computer programmer, understands the difficulty that this life entails and will be more than willing to share tips, support and friendship to those beginning on their journey.  There are many helpful online communities out there, so simply do a bit of research and find the one for you!


Great Online Resources

Thanks to the internet, there’s nothing we can do or question we can have that hasn’t been covered before.  For digital nomads, there are literally hundreds of blogs and articles specifically dedicated to learning from people’s own experiences, sharing tips and telling stories.  Any of the biggest travel bloggers have posts about how they sustain their lifestyle, or there are plenty of dedicated sites to help freelance writers of any kind.

If ever you have a question about life on the road or how to make money while travelling, you can simply pop it into Google, and you’re guaranteed to find an answer.

Cost Of Living

The one thing that people often don’t realize when considering making the move to life as a digital nomad, is that the cost of living is significantly lower in some parts of the world.  While earning enough to live on in places, such as the US or UK, requires a full-time income, there are many countries where you can get away with only working a few hours a day.

In some parts in Asia, you can stretch a week’s wage to nearly a month, and even in places in Europe you can find significantly lower prices.  Opting to live in a country with lower rent and general commercial costs takes a lot of pressure off you and reduces money-induced stress attacks.  It can actually be more profitable to live abroad and work online, than it can be trying to maintain a life in as expensive US city.


The Life of Your Dreams

When all is said and done, the main reason this lifestyle is easier than you think is this: it’s a dream come true. It’s indefinitely more manageable to deal with stress and work pressures when you’re doing so from one of the many beautiful locations around the world.

Knowing at any moment you can pack up and jet off for another adventure is the greatest motivation you need to work hard and stay on top of things.  I truly believe that humans weren’t meant to be shut up in an office for over 40 hours a week, and once you’ve tasted complete freedom, you’re able to do anything in your power to keep it!

Living as a digital nomad is nowhere near the glamorous life that some people view it as, but it’s also a lot less stressful and manic than many portray.  Thanks to the technological advancements, good people and a worldwide lust for freedom, being able to travel full time and work remotely is now easier than ever before.

Have you have experience as a digital nomad?  If so, we’d love to hear your stories and ideas, so be sure to leave a comment below.

This guest post was written by Jess Signet, you can also follow her exploring every corner of this incredible globe on Twitter @JesssTravels.

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